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Alberta barley farmers pay $1.00 per tonne of barley sold to the Alberta Barley Commission (ABC). This deduction comes off of all barley (feed, food and malt) sold in the province of Alberta. The $1.00 collected by ABC is—as it always has been—used for marketing development, research and policy development.

There is now an additional $0.04 per tonne being collected through the wheat and barley check-off.

The $0.04 is for the Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre (CMBTC), which provides technical assistance for people using Canadian malt around the world.

As an Alberta barley farmer, if you sell your grain to a Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) licensed company, you will see a check-off of $1.00 per tonne for the Alberta Barley Commission and a second check-off of $0.04 per tonne for Deduction of Levy on your Cash Purchase Ticket (CPT).