As a Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) – licensed company, you are required to collect the Western Wheat & Barley Check-off when you purchase wheat and barley from western Canadian growers.

You must indicate the check-off name and specify the amount on each Cash Purchase Ticket (CPT). To avoid any confusion, please use the full name of the check-off on your CPTs: “Western Wheat & Barley Check-off” or “WWBCheckoff” (if space is limited).

Western Wheat & Barley Check-off Amounts

The Western Wheat & Barley Check-off rates vary by crop and province.

  • Wheat purchased in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba: 48¢/tonne
  • Barley purchased in B.C., Saskatchewan or Manitoba: 56¢/tonne
  • Barley purchased in Alberta: 4¢/tonne

The Western Wheat & Barley Check-off is in addition to the provincial check-offs. The check-offs must be calculated separately and appear on separate lines on the CPT.


For more information, please click here to review this information sheet.

For further questions (including Reporting Procedures and Remittance Forms), please contact:

Asad Mahmood